Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Dress

I went through Macy's closet here a while back and organized it with all the clothes that fit that she hasn't worn yet and we need to within the next week!! LOL! She is growing like crazy!

Jessica got Macy this sweet dress. I wanted her to wear it the first time she went to church, but she hasn't gone yet and we need to wear it now. So, we wore it a couple of weeks ago and out came the camera.

She's gonna kill me when she is older for posting these pictures with her and her crazy eyes. But it's so funny to me!! :) She does this every time the flash goes off! LOL!!

"Here she comes again!"

This was just for me. I could just EAT these legs!!!!

"Told you she was comin'!"

I didn't get a great picture of the dress, but it is so precious. I love it!! It'll definitely be a keepsake for Ms. MacyKate!!

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Seneca said...

Tess and I laughed at this post Jill. When you wrote, "Here she comes again", we thought that you where just saying that you added another picture. Then we saw Miss Abby. She really loves her little sis.