Thursday, February 3, 2011

MacyKate is 3 months old!!!

She's actually 3 1/2 months old now, but I'm just getting caught up on all my posts. These pictures were taken on January 21st, her 3 month b-day.

Sweet girl is mad again.

So mad she raised her foot at me.

Okay, we're better now.

My sweet Chubs.

She actually smiled here, but my camera is crazy and it has a delay before it takes the picture. Which makes me so mad by the way, why can't it take the picture when I tell it too. Why?...Why does it delay? UGH.

I love this one! Her and her sweet puppy.

I'm not sure who she looks like here, but I'll go ahead and take the credit for the cuteness!

Oh my sweet MacyKate!!! You are 3 months old!! It's amazing to watch you grow each day. You have found your hands lately and are either staring at them or have them in your mouth every second of the day. :) Another toy you have found fond of is the frog carseat toy. Just this month, you started playing with it on your own. You aren't much of a fan of tummy time, but if Mommy and Abby play with you while you down there, you last a few minutes longer. You are just almost turning over. When you are on your back, you'll roll from side to side

You're definitely getting bigger. I weighed you the other day and you weigh 14lbs!! I couldn't believe it, my arms could, but my brain couldn't. You are wearing size 2 diapers and are in 3m and 3-6month clothes. Forget 0-3, that lasted about a week. ;)

You have already had your first cold, which led to your first ear infection. Boo. So sad to see you hurting. You even had an ingrown toe nail that was painful for you. You really didn't seemed that bothered by both, except at night. Mercy Me. I'm tired. You would be out cold...OUT Cold, and I would lay you down and you would wake up. UGH. (We are actually going through this again and I hope it's not another ear infection. poor girl) So,with all of this, you have not really been on much of a schedule. You cry, I feed you. I'm so tired that I don't want to come up with entertaining ideas to get you to last the next 30-60 minutes before the next feeding. So, you are eating anywhere between 2-3 hours during the day. And at night, you are STILL doing the same. :( I was hoping with all the weight you were putting on you would be "fat and happy" and sleep all night long. Oh well. This too will pass, and before we know it, you'll be sleeping like a champ!

Well, little Miss Blue eyes - we love you so! and we love how you love us back with your smiles!! Oh, and I forgot to say how you are talking. You have conversations with us all the time. Now, we don't have a clue at what you are saying, but you are definitely telling us something. I love the coo's, goo's, eek's, hi's, etc. love you sweet girl - your mommy

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