Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Never too old for a Bday party!

July 5th was Grandma CoRene's 90th Bday!! We had a little party to help her celebrate another year. It was a great time to visit with family and enjoy some cake and ice cream. Here she is opening up one of her many presents. Aren't presents fun?!

Grandma rescued a little kitty recently. She named him Lucky, or at least we think he is a he! :)

Mackenzie is showing Grandma how to use her new little kitty toy. We had to intervene once as she got a little aggressive with the wand and out of love, whacked at the kitty.

I love this picture! Look at Mackenzie's sweet little face. She would intentionally look at the wrong camera each time!

We had such a great time! Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!! We love you!


Jessica & Matt said...

Jillie. She looks so sweet. :) That pic of her opening a gift is classic! I'm glad you guys were able to be there for the party (and to see Stanley's grandpa and stuff).

Jessica & Matt said...

update??? Maybe in 3-d??