Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cake anyone??

I've been wanting to post some videos of Abby as she learns new things, but I didn't know how. After my lesson with Niki (Video uploading 101), I've learned how.

Here's a video that I practiced my new uploading skills with. It's priceless!! This is Mackenzie Grace at her 1 yr Bday party enjoying some yummy chocolate cake!! She's almost 2 1/2 now, but this video completely captures her little spunky personality. We love you Mackenzie!!


Donkeyfunny said...

WOW. This really cracked me up!!!

hwagnon said...

How funny. Can you believe how much can change in one and a half years. Can't wait to see Abby's antics on your video blog. Thanks for sharing. I love all your updates and photos.