Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stroll around the neighborhood

The weather was really nice outside today so we went for a stroll in our stroller for the first time. I realized that my walks outside will forever be different now. I used to not care about the bumps in the sidewalk, the direction of the sun or wind, or the occasional car driving by. Now, these things were the only things that I thought about the entire trip. Here's to more strolls!!

She enjoyed the ride, but refused to open her eyes due to the sunlight. I would find myself pushing the stroller with one hand and using the other hand to make a shadow for her eyes.

After begging her to open her eyes, this was all I got!


Agent Wonderful said...

such a sweet baby...won't be long and you'll want her to close her eyes and sleep.

Donkeyfunny said...


Seneca said...

Hey Jill, I remember our first walk and it was the same for us. Bumps, looking both ways when crossing the street, etc. So much to think about. Hey, is Abby on formula? I know that she is battling it out with colic and we have a whole case of Nutramigen (expensive stuff)that we can't use.