Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Abby.....

I can't believe how time is flying by. You are almost 4 weeks old, 3 weeks and 5 days to be exact. You are growing so much. Your daddy swears you are 3 feet long now, which would be 36 inches. You're not, but it's amazing how much you are growing.

I'm so sorry that you are having to battle this whole colic issue. My heart breaks for you when you have a spell. You are so uncomfortable, it's just awful. I cry with you some times and your daddy has to hold both of us to get everyone in the house to calm down. I pray that your digestive system quickly heal itself. After a spell I can see it in your face how exhausted you are. I'm so sorry and am willing to do anything to make you feel better. We didn't have a great night last night, but you were able to find some rest throughout today and I took pictures to remind myself that you will sleep, eventually!

Here you are sleeping this morning after Daddy left for work. I love it how you sleep on your side with your little hand by your face. It's the most precious thing I've seen.

Today is a historic day for took a nap in your crib for the first time! I'm so proud of you!! Lately because you haven't felt good, you would only fall asleep in our arms or in the boppy. And then we would have to wait until you were good and asleep (I mean really good and asleep) before we laid you down. Even then, laying you in your cradle still seems to make you cry.

I had just fed you and gently rocked you to ease your little belly. I laid you in your crib to go and check on the laundry, knowing you would cry and I would quickly return to hold you again. When I returned look what I found.........

A sleeping angel

This is a picture that I took of you yesterday wearing your "My heart belongs to Daddy" outfit. It is a preemie outfit and already the arms are way too short and the body is a little snug. You are outgrowing your preemie outfits, although you are still in preemie diapers. I will say that it does make me a little sad to see you grow so fast.

Oh how we love you sweet girl. Thank you for being such a good baby! love you big time! - your Momma


Jennifer said...

You have a gift with words (and I think the ability to bring tear of joy for you to my eyes).

Thank you for what you share.

Angie said...

I finally figured out I can leave a comment - yeah!

Jill...Abby is precious. I can't wait to meet her. I am definately planning a trip to Dallas soon! I always knew from the day I met you that you would be a great momma. This blog is great. I wish there was something like this when Kristen was little. Abby will look back on this and love it. I look at it at least once a week to catch up with you. Glad to see everything is going great!

Love you big!

Jolie said...

Oh how I remember the first newborn days..Dylon had colic and then we figured out that he was lactose intolerant, I had to stop nursing and give him lactofree formula. Not that you should do what I did, He was also projectile spitting up, but like you said, this to shall pass....Love ya!