Sunday, November 23, 2008

She's 5 weeks old!

UGH....I can't believe it! I feel like I say the same things over and over, but seriously....time is going by way too fast.

We took Abby to the dr on Friday for her 1 month check-up. She got an A+. She has grown quite a bit since our last visit. Abby now weighs 6lbs and 13oz (up from 5lbs and 10oz two weeks ago) and grew 1/2 an inch and is now 20 inches long. In her weight, she is in the 5th percentile, but she is in the 25th percentile in her length. Oh, and her little head is 13.5 inches around, which is only in the 5th percentile. Folks, we still have ourselves a "little" baby. She's so tiny.

Abby can now ride in her car seat, instead of the car bed. But she must be supervised in the back seat for the next month. Which means I still can't take her anywhere by myself.

Funny the dr was talking about Abby's measurements and how little she was, he said, "Abby is still only in the 5th percentile. She's gonna be really petite, like her Mama."

WHAT?!!! I almost laughed out loud as he said, "like her Mama." Did he understand that I'm her Mama? We didn't adopt this angel. She's mine. I'm her Mama! And I wouldn't consider myself petite. I'm still laughing about it. At the time I didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or hug him. All I know is after that comment, I couldn't pay attention for the next 5 minutes.

The dr went on to answer all of my questions, then it was time for the shot. It was awful. Abby was mad at us all night over it. Stan kept telling her that he didn't give her the shot, but she wasn't listening. We are all doing better today.


Keep Calm and Carry On said...

how frustrating to be stuck in the house! you need to be out and about showing off that baby in all of your petite glory.

Jolie said...

Hooray for Abby! She is adorable! What does all your family think of her?