Sunday, November 9, 2008

"My" Jessica's Baby Shower!!!

Saturday was "My" Jessica's Baby Shower for Baby Christopher. I say "my" Jessica because Niki and I both have best friends that are named Jessica and we always refer to "my" and "your" Jessica when we address them to each other. So, this is in case Niki doesn't know who's baby shower I was at on Saturday! ;)

It was such a great day. Brittney decorated her house perfectly for the shower. She used some of her dad's old toys that he used to play with when he was little.

Jessica got so many presents! It was so fun to watch her open them all. I shouldn't have given Jess such a hard time at my shower for not paying attention to all the gifts that I was receiving as she was writing them down for me. It's a lot harder than I thought! Sorry Jess.

Seriously? My face. Seriously.

Here's Jess with two of her sisters, Jaelan and Jordan, and her mom, aka Rita. We missed you Jasmine!!

Here we are! It's been so fun going through all this baby stuff with each other. I'm glad God worked it out that way.

This is Kelley, aka mother of the Triplets that I've been talking about in my blog. It was so good to see her there!

Jess!!! You looked GREAT at your shower! I had a blast helping with the hosting of it. We can't wait to meet little Christopher!


Natasha said...

Hi Jill! I'm so glad you found me. I'll have to link to your blog so I can keep up with y'all. Abby is just beautiful! Congratulations! Natasha

Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

You both look great! And Abby is precious! I can't wait until "your" Jessica has Christopher here, too, and then we can all hang out and let the little ones scream, I mean, sleep. :) Speaking of screaming ... off to feed the bottomless pit we call Caleb!

Jessica and Matt said...

JILLIE! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for the wonderful shower! It really was absolutely perfect. I had so much fun, and it was so special. Everything was so great! Fun, fun, memories! :) Love you!!