Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two reasons for today's greatness...

It's Aunt Lou's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Aunt Lou, we love you and hope you have a wonderful day. Make sure you make Scott pamper you to all the finest things in Oklahoma. Anything you want, it's yours because today's your day!! We love you!

Here's Abby wearing her sweet Teddy Bear outfit that Kenna Lou and Scott gave her for Christmas. Too precious! got it! Today's National Championship day!!! Abby came up with this great idea to give Daddy a OneDayEarly Birthday present. We surprised him this morning wearing our new OU gear. Abby got a new OU onesies, and I got Stan and I t-shirts. The beanie he already had and felt it was necessary to wear for the photo.


Our little Cheerleader.....watching the birds fly around in her swing.

This is just a bonus for today's post. Two days ago, Stan was asking Abby if she had "spirit". I really wish I could read her mind! :)


Donkeyfunny said...

That is the CUTEST thing ever!!!!

hwagnon said...

Wonderful pictures. You've made my day!!

Nunleys4 said...

She's thinking "Daddy is crazy"

Jolie said...

She is growing so fast! I love the smiles! I love the video! What a blessed woman you are: a beautiful baby and a loving husband and father!