Friday, January 23, 2009

Look how sweet he is!!!

Abby and I went over to Baby Christopher's house to give him some of our love. He is just precious!!

Here's Little Miss posing for the camera. She only smiles now when you take the camera OUT of her face.

Two Proud Aunts

Jaelan and I thought we would try and show how big Baby Christopher's hands were compared to Abby's. TRY is the key word here.


and Again....

and Again.
Anyway, you get the point. His fingers are longer than Abby's. He's got great Guitar Hero fingers.

He just melted my heart away. He was so warm and cozy. He didn't even care that we would accidentally call him a SHE a hundred times or more. We were so used to SHE because of Abby.

He loved him some Aunt Jaelan!

Jessica's nephew Aaron was sooooo excited to meet his new baby cousin. Christopher was getting hungry here and Aaron thought it was funny.

He thought he would give it another shot and hold Abby this time. She didn't care. She LOVED his glasses!

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Jolie said...

how fun for you girls to have your babies so close in age....God Bless you so much with your babies!!! I love you girls and wish I could come see. Thanks for the blogs...