Sunday, March 15, 2009

Abby, please smile.

After church today, I wanted to take Abby's picture in her little jeans mini skirt. She looked so precious. Her daddy was a bit concerned that the skirt was too short and the boys in her class at church would be staring at her. I assured him that we should be fine at this age.

My only problem with trying to take the picture is getting her to SMILE for the camera. UGH! She's is something else. You bring the camera out and she just stares at you!

Here's the first try. Her usual camera pose.

So I decided to try and make her laugh by utilizing some of her new friends.
First, I tried the dog.

She decides to eat his ear.

Then I tried her duck. (look at those sweet cheeks)

And again she eats it.

still eating..

I gave up but she still wanted to eat. Here's her latest, she's moved on to her left hand now. The right hand is old news.

Still eating...

Finally, right before I gave up, she felt sorry for me and decided she would smile. I think she just wanted me to quit begging. Here's our little SMILING angel. :)

I took a video of Abby laughing again. Stan and I were just talking today that we haven't heard her laugh since Drew got her to laugh a while ago. Well, she laughs again!! Enjoy!


Taylor said...

Smiling or not, Abby is so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katy said...


Wendy said...

That video was too precious! She looks so serious and then she has that adorable little giggle. Love it! =)

hwagnon said...

Yelling at the TV? She's probably just yelling at the "refs". She is her Daddy's girl, after all. Can't wait to see her.

Tess Jones said...

She is so cute and I love the little skirt she is wear. Seneca has a post about a month ago about a skirt outfit that I got Madison that he thought was a bit much. So funny!