Monday, March 16, 2009

First day of Spring Break

Yes, even at 4 1/2 months you get a Spring Break! I'll try to post random pics of little miss this week seeing how we'll be home quite a bit.

She woke up this morning from her early morning nap and begged me to wear this shirt. "Who needs a piggy bank when you have daddy?" I need one of these in a size Large and just replaced Daddy with Stan.

I put in one of her Baby Einstein videos to see if she would watch it and she did! All of it! It was so cute to watch her watch TV. She would even yell at the TV every once in a while.

Wish me luck as I try to creatively come up with things for her to do on her Spring Break and get my house cleaned all at the same time. Which by the way, I think someone broke into our house and threw all of our stuff all over the place. I know we couldn't have caused this disaster.


Seneca said...

We feel the same way about all the junk that accumulates on a weekly basis. We only take pictures in spaces where mess doesn't exist. Thought we were the only ones with that problem.

Tess Jones said...

Yes it it so funny to see them sit and watch tv. I didn't know they had spring break for babies either until Madison school told me they would be close, how cute! Good luck on cleaning, I will be trying to do the same thing with my little monster needing all the attention in the world this week.

Tracy said...

Too cute!