Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love....

Your smile

Your eyes

Picking you up from school

Giving you a bath

Your sneeze/toot combos

The way you look at me

Watching you sleep

How you cuddle against me

The way you stare at people you don't know

The "lip"

How you refuse to smile at a camera

Your sweet toes

Your chubby feet

How you suck on your right fist.....and now the left fist

Rocking you to sleep

How you try to hold your bottle, but it would end up in your ear if I left it to you

The way you talk to me in the mornings


My sweet sweet Abby:
Above are only a few of the things that I love about you these days. It's amazing watching you grow and learn and literally do new things everyday. I wish I could follow you around with a video camera to capture every sweet moment. You're growing up way too fast for me. I've been nursing you less these days. Although I've felt some freedom, it saddens me. It'll be all too soon that I'll nurse you for the last time and the bottle is all you need. This already brings so many tears to my eyes. Oh how I love you. You are my sweet little joy that I can't live without. Happy 5 month Bday my love! - love, your Mommy

I love this look on her face. She's like, "wait! - lemme kick my shoe off."


Katy said...

are these the ones that Stan took? they turned out pretty cute!

I have missed seeing her this week! But Spring Break is over. :) Now I get to see Little Miss.

Seneca said...

Great Post Jill

Jessica and Matt said...

She's so precious!!! Happy 5 months, Abs!! This is such a sweet post. I know weaning her is so sad. But just focus on what a blessing the time that you've had has been. She's such a big girl!! Love you, Abs!!

Tracy said...

What a sweet post. And the pictures are great. She's beautiful.