Monday, March 2, 2009

Rice Cereal, yuck!

Abby had her 4 month check up and Dr. G suggested that we go ahead and start Abby on rice cereal. Her recent stats were weight 11 pounds and 7 ounces (10-25% percentile), height 24 inches long (50 percentile) and her head was 15.5 inches around (25% percentile). She's still such a little petite thing that maybe the rice cereal will help her put some weight on and HOPEFULLY we'll start sleeping through the night! Please Lord.

So we tried what the dr ordered.


She wasn't exactly thrilled of this new dinner choice with a spoon. So we are just going to have to slowly work on it. I've been putting a little bit of this in her bottles at night. She's not complaining, so I'm going to keep on giving it to her.

I will try the bowl and spoon method again this week, but I'm not expecting success. Just her best effort! Which may be the same as last week, but oh well. We will try.


Jessica and Matt said...

Poor baby girl. I bet you wouldn't want that nasty cereal either! Obviously not good that you posted this at 5 am. :-/

Seneca said...

Oh Jill. She's looking like, "Hmph, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit". :o)

Tess Jones said...

This is so funny, Madison did not like rice cereal either. She just started eating it when they told me to mix it with apple juice, but that was because she was reaching the 6 month mark. It took some work, but she is finally getting there. So good luck!