Friday, March 20, 2009

Drew and Caden

My sweet nephews. I love them so much. I call Mama usually everyday and she has a different story to tell me about what one of them did or said. Here's what I learned this morning.

They all went to eat (without me by the way) to a Mexican food place. Even though they had already finished eating, Caden wanted to go to McDonald's and was pretty upset that they weren't going to go.

Caden: "Nana, will you take me to McDonald's?"

Nana: "No. We've already eaten."

Caden: "I'll give you 20 bucks....?"

Andrea: "I gave him a dollar the other day and now he thinks he's rich."

The boys had to go to the dr this week for their yearly checkups. Drew and Caden had to both get shots and then Drew had to have his finger pricked for blood. So the nurse comes in to give Drew the shot.

Nurse: "Okay, which arm to you want it in?"

Drew: He quickly responded, "Neither!"

Then on the way home from school, Drew was telling his Nana all about the dr appt and told her that he had his finger pricked for blood.

Drew: "Nana, will I get back my blood?

Nana: "No."

Drew: "Well, what am I going to do?"

Nana: "You're fine. Your body will make more."

Drew: "How?"

Nana: sigh - "It just does."

They are both too funny!

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