Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Four, the ZOO

We woke up this morning and got ready to hit the ZOO!! I just knew Abby would love it as she has such the sweetest love for all animals!

When we arrived, we quickly realized that this may not be as joyful as I had hoped. The humidity level had to be at least 94%. It was miserably hot and put us all in a not so joyful mood. I was having to ration out how much juice I was giving her. I didn't want her to down it all in one sitting and us still have half of the zoo to visit.

She actually did pretty good overall. We didn't see as many animals as we had hoped for. Like most all trips that I've made to the zoo, all the animals were either sleeping or in a nice cool shade and they wouldn't come out to see us for nothing.

One of us in our family has a fear of birds. Not this girl. She definitely didn't get that trait from him. She walked right up to this duck and tried to give it some of her juice.

Here she is again. She wouldn't leave the poor duck alone.

We decided we should take a little water boat tour to see more of the Zoo. Please remind me to never do this again. Stranded on a boat for 30 minutes, you couldn't walk around, Abby yelling at us to get her out, we were this guy's first tour......ugh...should I go on. It was terrible! I mean look at her little sweaty face, she was miserable.

The one thing that did amaze us about the Naples Zoo were the trees. This tree was HUGE. On our way out, Daddy and Abby posed for a picture for me.

We came home and Abby quickly told Daddy that she wanted to go to the Beach and to the Waters. So off we went, with a powdered donut in one hand and a bubble maker in the other.

These sand castle toys weren't as big of a hit as I had hoped for. But for $3, I think she enjoyed them.

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