Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Macy's room...under construction

We worked on Macy's room this weekend. We have only bought three things for our sweet 2nd child. Her crib, her dresser and her rug. That's it! ugh.....there's so much to do and buy! Anyway, we decided that it was time (with 9 weeks to go) to get the dresser and crib put together. We started it Sunday afternoon during Abigirl's nap. The moment she woke up, she was ready for her snack and then to be a little helper.

Here she is enjoying her snack.....bread-n-butter pickles. She doesn't even eat them, she just sucks all the juice out of them. :)

We had finished the crib while she was sleeping and were starting on the dresser. Here's the crib!

Look at all this mess! It's so hard to clean out a guest room. The guest room is the perfect place to put all that stuff that you don't want to give away. Here's what's left of my pile.

Daddy's little helper

She called this her house.
It's two drawers not yet finished.

She loved putting the screws and bolts into all the holes she saw. I think she'll be an engineer or something smart like that when she grows up. :)

"Wut Mommy?"

Helping away!

We finally finished putting the crib and dresser together and I spent most of the day Monday cleaning out the rest of that room. Lots to give away and lots to stash somewhere in the attic. Believe it or not, I really feel like her room is coming along now. It's a bare-bones baby room, but it's what we have for now. :) I'm gonna have to get pink cushions for the rocker. The wooden rocker worked for Abby, so I'll make it work for Macy. Although my dream would be to have a glider.

I was a little disappointed when I realized that the crib and dresser are not the same color white. Even though they are made by the same company and made to go together. UGH...oh well. Not much we can do about it now. And yes, we will eventually hide all those cords and the Internet box underneath her dresser.

Here's her sweet closet. I even went through Abby's preemie and newborn clothes and hung them up. I got teary eyed during the process. I can't believe I'm about to have another baby and my current baby is wearing 18 months. It was so hard to imagine her wearing those itty bitty outfits (and those used to be too big for her). :( And yes, those are all the 0-1 size shoes and socks that Abby had. I need to get a closet organizer thingy to put them in.

Lots more to do, but I feel good about what I've accomplished!

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