Thursday, August 5, 2010

And then she turned 21 months...

She is growing by the minute. 21 months old here!!!

One of her favorite things to do is help me go and water my flowers. She knows not to pick the flowers, but will quickly grab all she can see that have fallen off the plant onto the sidewalk/grass.

Mr. Bear was along for the ride!

I'm not sure what was on her dress and from the look on her face, she wasn't either! :)

These flowers have grown wonderfully. They are almost as tall as she is now.

She had to sit Mr. Bear in the flowers while she inspected the two that she found.

These flowers were having one of their better days. They were supposed to be super easy to maintain; little water and alot of heat. Whatever! I have to beg these things to bloom. They don't look this pretty anymore.

And just when you think all hope is gone.....out comes a bloom. I thought it was dead because it was so crispy looking. But I walked out one day and found this week little bloom.

Sweet Abigirl - I've been so terrible about blogging these days, but I want to try and capture as many memories as I can for you. I'm just really slow about posting them.
I have to say, you are getting cuter by the minute. You are talking so much! It's amazing. I just sit and listen with a smile and usually agree with whatever you are saying. I don't have the heart to tell you I don't understand!
You love to count. You have made it to 15 with assistance, but will count to 8 with no problem all by yourself. It was just last month that you were counting 2-5-6-9. Now, you say them all in order. And you have two favorite shapes, the heart and circle. You love to point out all the circles and hearts that out see.
My favorite these days is before I lay you down for bed, I'll say a prayer over you. As I'm praying you start praying to and repeat Amen over and over. It truly melts my heart. I love you big girl. Know that I will always be praying for you. No matter how big you get. I love you with all my heart! - your Momma

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