Saturday, August 21, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Eight, "Bye Bye Waters...Bye Bye Beach"

This girl loved her some "waters and beach". She even one night told Stan she was going to the beach and went to open the front door. She, still to this day, asks Stan if she can go to the "Waters and Beach".

She also loved the showers around the pool to wash off the sand. She would want me to turn it on and then she would fill up her shovel and pour the water in the pool. As if there wasn't enough water in the pool already. But, by the time she got to the pool with her shovel full of water....her shovel was always empty. :)

She didn't feel the need to take a nap on the last day, until right before we were leaving. Therefore, the paci was a necessary item at the pool. Here Daddy is WAY more excited than Abby.

She loved to count and jump into the water, into Daddy's arms. It was so precious. I have a video below of it.

We finally convinced her to take the paci out of her mouth, but she wouldn't part from it from her finger. Here she was "jumping" away. :)

My two favorite people!

It started to sprinkle on us so we decided it was time to go. Abby thought it was time to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It wasn't long after this picture was taken that it really started raining and my mom wrapped her up in a beach towel. Within seconds, I mean seconds, she was out like a light. She was exhausted! Our vacation had finally wore her out.
Bye Bye Naples! It was fun while it lasted, until next time!

Here's the video of Abby jumping into her Daddy's arms in the "waters".

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