Sunday, August 15, 2010

Naples Trip - Part One, the FLIGHT

Okay, I started working on my vacation blog from this Summer and the post is way to big to put into one post. UGH.. so, I'm having to split it up into EIGHT different posts. So, enjoy a different post each day this week! :)

I downloaded some movies and I bought Abby some "children's" headphones for our plane trip. This was the night before we left and I was testing them out on her to see if she would even wear them. She LOVED them. She wouldn't stop watching her movies on my phone. Stan even came home during my experiment and she wouldn't even acknowledge him walking into the door. Oh and yes, this is her favorite seat in our house. On top of the pillow! :)

My mom came the next day and we loaded up the car. Man, we had tons of stuff! We finally made it to the airport and through security we went. I was preparing myself to get scanned with the baby's juice that I had to bring on board. But, I was not prepared for what happened next.
I hear, "Ma'am, you're gonna need to stand here. Your shoes tested positive for explosive materials." WHAT?! I had to give Abby to Mama and let them do another scan of me and everything I own. Abby didn't know what that lady was doing with that wond thing and started to cry. It ended up being nothing. He said that sometimes fertilizer will set the alarm off and I walked outside that morning with the grass that Stan had just mowed. Thankfully, all was clear and I got my shoes back. But, whew, What a way to start off the trip!

Here we are waiting for our plane to arrive! I would take a picture every now and then, in between me praying that she would make it through the flight. :)

On the plane, in Nana's lap. Thankfully, she found herself pretty comfy. Pillow, paci, doodle-pad, smarties, etc....she was pretty much given anything that she wanted on the plane. :)

Still relaxed, minnie, bunny, movies......again, anything she wanted, she got!

Then we finally made it to FL!!! :) She did WONDERFULLY on the flight!!! Praise the Lord!
Here we are at our first hotel. She stayed somewhere pretty close to the airport because we knew it would be late getting in. Here's my girl with her food of choice....FRUIT.

Stay tuned for more Naples posts!

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