Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Abby's "new" big girl bed

Two days before Abby turned 2 1/2 I had decided it was time. It was time to put her in a big girl bed. So, with Stan out of town, I disassembled her bed and it was done. Before I could stop myself, I had already taken it apart. She was so excited. She played and played in the bed that morning. And for nap time went straight to sleep, no complaining and no escaping. But the real test would come later that night.

She did okay to say the least. She got out of bed too many times to count. But once she was sound asleep I snuck in there to take two pictures. I'm not sure what possessed me to do that, but I did. It was so dark in there that my flash is what lit up the room in the picture. Another reason why it isn't focused. The camera couldn't find anything to focus on as it dark. :) I would probably kill anyone else for taking a picture of my sleeping baby for fear that that she would wake up, but oh well. I did it and she slept right through it! :)

Still sound asleep.
The next day I caught her in her room playing in her "new" bed. so cute

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is how sweet MK sleeps best these days. And, I just let her. :)

Abby did great in her bed that first week that Stan was out of town. Now that he is back and we are on a more normal routine. We know that after we lay her down, we pray with her and just wait. She will meet us in the living room asking for whatever she needs. Her bunny, her Minnie, her blanket is messed up....usually she comes out 2-3 times, but after that last threatening of a spanking, she knows we are for real in our voices and she usually falls asleep.

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Seneca said...

Jill, believe me. We understand were you are. As you know, Madison has been in her toddler bed since September and she still gets out of bed once, twice or even three times before she goes to sleep. Not sure if this will ever end. But we get the same excuses. Juice, water, i'm itching, i need medicine, i have something in my eye,it's scurry(even though she's not afraid of the dark), fix my blankee,etc)