Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She's 7 months old!!!

I love these little innocent cheeks.

Needless to say, big sister was upset that she wasn't in the crib with her during the photo shoot. I should have known. She has been in the crib with her every month at this same time.
Reaching for my sign!


to pieces! I love her To Pieces!!!

Amanda and Craig gave MK this beautiful dress before she was born. I had to get more pictures of her in it. It is just perfect!!


Oh my lands.....she loves to smile!

Sweet Sweet Macy Kate!! FIRST of all, please forgive me for not writing your past two monthly letters. Life has been so busy lately, that blogging has been put on the back burner. My guilt has finally got the best of me and I am ready to start blogging again for you two girls. I want you two to see all the pictures and hear me narrating each one. Hopefully, one day I'll put them all in a blog book for you guys to have.....hopefully. That's just one more thing on my list to do! LOL!

Since your last letter, you have grown soooo much. You sit up all by yourself. You will grab ANYTHING within your reach. And, you're strong! Oh, and quick. You constantly keep me on my toes when I'm holding you in my lap and trying to work. You are grabbin' away at everything!

You're a great eater!! You are still nursed, which I love. But, I'm getting to the point now, where I'm wishing I would have introduced a bottle to you more often. You refuse to take one. I'm going really start trying more next week. But for now, when you get hungry, your personal milk truck, aka me, is at your service. You are eating rice cereal, oatmeal, and stage 1 baby food. This next month you are graduating onto stage 2 baby food.

You can sit up, hold a sippy cup (not really drink out of it, just hold it and beat it on the table when you realize it makes a loud noise) crawl/wiggle backwards, rollover, lunge forward. Your daddy is constantly telling me how I need to watch you because you are going to be crawling or even walking before we know it.

I love more than anything to watch how you love and your sister loves you. It's just simply precious. Now don't get me wrong, you are constantly on guard when she is around. But you just light up when she is around too. Abby can usually always calm you down when you are upset and make you laugh at almost anything.

You, my sweet angel, are still a momma's girl. AND, I secretly love it so so much! :) You have such a hard time when I am not in the room. You finally got the hang of it at school and realize that I would be back in about 3 hours to feed you again. But anywhere else, you are looking for me and letting whoever it is that's holding you know that they are not me. 3-4 years down the road it may not be this way, so I'm not complaining.

You're smiles and open mouth kisses are adorable. Your pulling of my hair, not so much. I love your screams and growls. Your only word these days is Da-Da! Trust me, your daddy LOVES that. We think you were trying to say Abby the other day. Oh, and you mumble! I can tell by your eyes, you are having a conversation with me, but I have no idea what you are saying. The very first time you started mumbling, it took me back to when Abby was about your age. She did the same thing. You sound just like she did. Abby's first real word was giggle-giggle. I'm anxious to hear what your's will be.

You still are not the best sleeper. Let's be honest, you're horrible at it. I pray every night that you will turn over a new leaf and sleep all night long. You have only done this 3 times in your whole life. 3. 3! That's it. Hopefully, I'll be writing your letter next month and bragging on what a great sleeper you are. okay? so, let's do it!....Let's SLEEP!!! :)

Sweet girl we love you so so much! I just never knew my heart could grow like this. I'm one lucky Momma! I love you bigtime!! - love, Mommy

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Seneca said...

She's beautiful Jill. And yes, the dress is awesomely beautiful.