Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music with Mommy

We had to get to school on time this day as it was "bring your Mommy to music class" day!! Of course, both of our girls LOVE music and I couldn't miss it. I looked crazy that day, but we made it ON time! :)

The whole time I'm taking pictures the teacher is just singing away and we are supposed to be listening and doing what she says. I hope I'm not teaching my children to not pay attention to the teacher. :/

Here's a room full of Macy's "friends". I guess you could call them friends. All they do with one another is just basically look at each other and stare.

My sweet little music lover!

Scarf time. She loved it! Do you think she looks like Mary?

One last shot before Abby's class comes in. :)

I love this. Classic!! Not just the fact that she is yawning at me taking her picture but the fact that she has only been at school for 15 minutes and already has blue marker on her face.

Abby's friend Reece and her mommy

Abby's friend PJ and his mommy. PJ and Abby have been in the same class since they were literally weeks old. :)

"Momma, stop it. None of the other Mommy's are taking pictures."

Scarf time! I have got to get me some of these!

Sweet little PJ

It's a very rare occasion that I get the girls to school on time so this was a special day all around. Abby turned 2 1/2 years old. Music with Mommy. AND, we were there on time!! :) good day.

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