Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dr. Seuss hat

Granny have Abby a Dr. Seuss Hat and book a while ago. So cute that I caught her with the hat on reading the book. :)
...oh, and she was playing her fork like a flute.

Here's a picture of something that doesn't happen very often in our house. She's eating! ;)

When I got a note from school that she was having "Hat" day. I knew we had the perfect hat for the day. She wore the hat, but want "piggy" tails too. :)

She loves to pick out her own color for her piggy tails. It's usually a fight, but we try to at least end up with a color that's in the same color family. Red and pink. Blue and purples. TRY was the magic word here.

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KathyD said...

ingPerfect hat for her!