Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 2 and a HALF Birthday Abby!!!

This face says it all........

Sweet girl. Having a little breakfast before school. "a little"

I just love how MacyKate adores her big sister!!!

This is how she gets out of the car these days. In my opinion, it's much easier to just get out the open door, RIGHT by your carseat, as there is always someone, aka ME, right there to help you. But, she prefers it this way. :)

Sweet girl.

Happy 2 and a HALF Birthday Abby Jewel!!

Sweet Abby....words just cannot express the love I have for you. You are growing up so much. Everything about you is my favorite. I love the way you talk, laugh and most of all the way you are so sweet to Macy. You are a terrific big sister. I pray God watches over you daily and keeps you safe and healthy. My sweet sweet 2 1/2 yr old. I love you angel! love, your Mommy

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Harriett said...

Thank you, Jill, for these updates and pictures. At least I can watch them grow and change and feel like I'm a little part of their daily lives. Wish we were closer. Love you guys so much!!!