Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 months old!!!

Oh my gracious this really true?

Yes, I'm afraid it is. She is TEN months OLD! Time has just flown by. Even in these pictures she looks all grown up. We had to take them in her rocking chair because her crib was recalled and the new one is still in the box. :)

"Mommy, make sure my friend is in the picture."

"Hay Frend"

She's such a big girl.

Dear my sweet screaming Abby:

You have grown up so much during this past month. I think more so than any other month. I know that isn't possible, but it definitely feels like it. You started crawling this month!! And oh my goodness, you are all over the place. I will go into another room and all the sudden I feel two little hands on the back of my legs. It's you. :) You always have this really proud look on your face when you find me too.

You are even starting to pull up to a standing position all around the house. Pulling up on the TV is your favorite. You've let go several times and I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time. Not because I'm afraid you will fall, but because I know it will be no time before you are walking. :(

You love to blow strawberries with your lips and clap your hands. You try to clap your hands as loud as possible, but nothing is a loud as that SCREAM. mercy me. That scream. Whew. It's truly is 6 octaves higher than a normal scream. I've tried to teach you "no" in sign language and you just continue to scream or eat my fingers, whatever is convenient for you at the time.

Oh sweetheart. You have two little teeth. Just another little reminder of how your "baby" side is going to grow up on me. You've started clicking your tongue lately, it's one of the cutest things I've ever heard. AND, you growl and breath really fast and heavy out of your nose, like a bull. You even scrunch your nose up at the same time. It's hilarious. You must have learned those two things from the boys at church.

I've taken you swimming by myself a couple of times. I would hold on to you like crazy for the fear of you drowning in the water. You would just sit there and let me. Thank you for loving me back in your own special little way. You are definitely my little sweetheart! I love you big time! - your Mommy

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KathyD said...

She's growing up too fast!