Monday, August 3, 2009

Granny's 85th Bday Party!

My Granny turned 85 years old on July 9th. I thought I better post this before she turns 86. (I'm so far behind on posting. ugh...)

Happy Birthday Granny!!

Abigirl and her Daddy

Here's the best part of any birthday party....the cake!

Aunt Ellen (bottom left) wanted me to take her and Cullen's (bottom right) picture. As soon as I took the picture, she wanted to see. She looks at it and says, "Now who is that pretty girl?" I teased her and told her she looked so good that I thought I would put this picture in the paper. She about died. I think she thought I really was going to put it in the paper.
Last Saturday, Aunt Ellen went to be with the Lord. I have many many memories of her when I was little staying with Granny and her coming over. From 42 games, to Monopoly, to Garage Sales, to picking berries in the back yard. She always made me laugh and was so fun to be around. Continue to pray for her family, our Granny and the others that will miss her.

Here's Granny with her brothers and sisters that were able to make it to the party.

The group pictures's Mama's brother and sisters.....and the water fountain. The fountain was pretty much in ALL group shots.

Aunt Cille's group

Aunt Dobber's group

Aunt Rena's group

Aunt Retha's group

Our Group

Uncle Ronnie's group

Here's a group shot of all the Party Attenders!

I love this one. It's the Grand and Great-Grand kids.
I'm glad at least 3 people were paying attention.

One of Granny's gifts was a family tree.
I must say the tree was a pretty big tree.

And lastly, my wonderful cousin, Wendi was babysitter as I was finishing up. Looks like she had three little helpers as well.


Seneca said...
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Deana said...

Jill, what a good time I'm sure you all had! Your family is as bad as mine about pictures. But I wouldn't take for them! And who would have thought you captured your Aunt Ellen just weeks before she passed away? To me, that is precious! And so are the memories she made with you! (Love that baby girl!)