Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lunch with Caleb and Niki

We had lunch a few weeks ago with Niki and Caleb. This little piece of handsome was flirting with my Abby the whole time. AND, she couldn't keep her eyes off of him either!

This is the face of a boy waiting to eat! :)

Our conversation went like this......"Abigirl, don't stare sweetheart."......

"I'm not Momma, my eyes are closed."

Group shot.
Look at Abby's face. She can NOT believe I'm holding another baby!

Caleb and his Momma

Abby is telling Caleb how she eats her puffs with only two fingers. Caleb is like "Why? It's more fun to eat as many as you can at once with your whole hand."

I think Niki had a puff in her hand here. Abby wants it and Caleb is trying to crawl out of the chair to get it for himself.

And this is the face of a little boy who ran out of puffs to eat. :(

Niki and Caleb, we love you guys so much. We MUST have lunch again soon!

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