Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15 month stats

Weight: 19lbs 13oz - 10th%
Height: 31 inches - 75th%
Head: 18 inches - 50th%

Overall, she received an A+. Thankfully, he doesn't take into consideration her screaming throughout the entire visit. Otherwise, she would have failed! Poor girl. She has been to the dr so many times that she knows exactly where we are when we go back into those rooms. Usually the moment she sees the table with the paper on it, she loses it. AND, she doesn't stop crying until we leave. Thankfully, he is extremely patient with her and with me.

We learned that she has more teeth than we thought. 8 teeth are showing and 2 more are cutting through. Her weight is low, but he isn't worried. I told him that she refuses her milk in her sippy cup and she just doesn't eat much and he isn't worried. He says she'll get used to it eventually and her appetite will pick back up. I'm not exactly sure how he can say this with such confidence, he isn't the one trying to get her to drink/eat everyday. But we are going to start her on a vitamin drop to help with her nutrition. Our homework with her for the next three months....disciplining when necessary, brushing her teeth every day, work on walking and work on increasing her vocabulary by pointing and saying what things are. She wasn't able to show off anything to him that she CAN say or do because she was screaming crying the whole time. I'm sure he's wondering if she even can talk. LOL! Our sweet girl. What a blessing to be reassured that she's healthy!


Clark Family said...

Her eating will pick back up. My girls go through the same things and sometimes they eat and other times they don't. They are growing fine and the doctor has never been concerned even when I am. You are doing great and she is one cute little girl!

Christine said...

I'm glad to know that mine is not the only one who screams the entrie lenght of dr visits. PJ is okay while we are in the exam room alone but if he even thinks the door is about to open he will start screaming. :)