Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday sweet Christopher!!

Last Saturday was Christopher's 1st Birthday Party! I can't believe this sweet boy is 1!! Jess and I have been best friends for at least 2 DECADES now and it has been so fun to through this season of our lives together. Our babies are now both one!! Time flies when your having fun!

Jaelan and her friend were really funny according to these 1 yr olds.

Thanks Aunt Sarita for our Old Navy gift card. We bought this adorable outfit just for the party! Here's Little Miss trying to pull the bows off the shoes.

I'm not sure why my camera is crazy and sometimes takes pictures in ORANGE, but anyways. Here's Christopher in his super sweet Birthday outfit!

The triplets came!!! Greg and Kelley just announced that they are pregnant AGAIN! With a little boy this time! June will be a fun month as their family increases by one.

Someone took this picture of me feeding Abby. This makes me laugh. Look at all the strawberries on her plate. And yes, she ate every last one of them. :)

It's cake time! Look at C's face. Hehee....sweet boy.
"Mommy, why is everyone singing to me?"

It took him a little bit, but he dug right into that cake.

The cake wore him out. Here he is cuddling with his Aunt Jodi!!

Oh my.....yes, she refused to wear her cute shoes that day. She took them off immediately. She would walk around and get the smallest crumb on her foot and she would sit down and inspect it and ask me to pick it off.

Here's the last picture of the day. We forced them to stand by each other. They weren't feeling it, but at least they stood there and didn't fight it or cry.

Jess did such a great job with decorating for his party.
Such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Christopher!! We love you so much!

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