Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15 months old!!

She's 15 months old today!! For the record, I asked for help this morning with taking these pictures, but my "helper" had to go to work. So, I did the best I could. She's getting so big and is on the move so much these days.

She took her bear out into the hallway, I think she was trying to get away from the camera. She kept touching his nose and saying, "noooose".

Then she saw I had a bracelet on and she immediately wanted it for her bears nose.

I put the bracelet on her and she didn't care for it much and wanted it off. :)

Here's my 15 month old baby and her 15 month old bear!
Oh sweet girl - I think the same thing every month, "you grew so much this month". One of the biggest changes this past month is that you started walking. You still prefer to crawl, but you will walk if we beg. :) The cutest thing is when you crawl to the middle of the room and stand up to see what you want, you find it and walk towards it. Then you decide to crawl because that is much faster and safer for you. With walking also came dancing. So sweet. I can tell you've gotten stronger too. I love it when I carry you and you'll wrap your arms around my neck and hang on like a little monkey. I love it so much!!

Dr. G told us to kick the bottle by 15 months. So, on Sunday we decided no more bottle, nothing like waiting until the last minute. ;) I think it has been much harder on me than you. I offer you milk in your sippy cup and you have yet to drink it that way, but I will keep preserving. You will push it as far away as you can reach. I'm planning on putting up all the bottles just so that I'm not tempted to give in. Hopefully, when we go to the dr on Friday, he'll reassure me that we are doing the right thing for you in the long run. You are still a very picky eater and it worries me everyday. Your diet consists of only a few things, but this week we have added a new food....refried beans! You also know when I (or your teachers) want you to eat something and you don't want to. Like when your teachers were feeding you sweet potatoes and green beans at school. They turned their backs and you swept all your food in your cupholder and put your sippy cup on top of the food. Trying to hide it from them.

You are such a great listener. Well, by "listener" I mean, I've noticed this month more than any other, that when I tell you something I can see it in your eyes that you know what I'm talking about. You also know how to ignore me too. I can say something and call your name and you keep at what you are doing. Just until you hear frustration in my voice, then will you look up at me and smile. You've also become quiet the talker. "Bye Bye Daddy" is your favorite. You love it so much that you say it to everyone and everything. Like the people who pass us in the aisles at Wal-mart. Or when your watching Mickey Mouse and the show has ended. You've been an expert at saying "No" for a while now. But, this month, you finally started shaking your head "yes". Even though it is in super slow motion, we still know that you are saying "yes" to us. So sweet! until next month Big girl - I love love love you!!! - love, your Momma


Seneca said...

Such a sweet post Jill. I was laughing the whole time I read it. She's getting so big. I feel like our babies are doing so much of the same stuff at the same time. They are only a month apart. She's super cute.

Brianne said...

I agree! This is such a great age. They start understanding and having an opinion. Abby is so sweet and precious! Happy 15 months to her and good luck with the bottle!

The Dave-O said...

Sometimes I crawl 'til I figure out what I want!

Donkeyfunny said...

Cuter and cuter!