Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day at the Park!

The weather was so pretty today that we headed out to the park after school.

Christopher loved the swing!

I agree with him....swings are pretty relaxing!

Abby, on the other hand, was NOT feeling the swing!

Two pushes and she was grabbing for us to get her out!

Then the tears came. So, out she went! poor baby.

Time for the group shots!
Don't you think they kinda look like brother and sister??

Of course, Jess and I needed to join in on the photo fun.

Again....we can't ever take just one. ;)

Ummmm......Christopher, what are you doing?

Oh.....I see. The mulch goes ON TOP of the slide.

"What? I just had to. I'm a boy!"

Such a great day for the park. We realized that today was the FIRST time that either of us took our babies to the park. Abigirl was sleepy and wanted to be held the whole time. And Christopher wanted to play in the mulch/dirt. Just the perfect girl/boy combo.


Agent Wonderful said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos! Abby will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the swings. Looks like you all had a good day!

Lisa said...

You two have the cutest kids!! We are in Granbury now, and you're right...we should get together sometimes. I would love to see you guys.