Monday, November 22, 2010

Macy's first bath

"I'll help you Mommy!"
She was getting in trouble for taking the drenched wash cloth and slinging it around the bathroom. Looks like here Stan caught her right before she was about to sling it again.

Sweet girl. She did pretty good for her first bath!! :)

Here we were a little cold.

Still cold.

Much better. All snug in our jammies.

Over all the first bath was a success. Plus, I had a little helper right by my side. :)

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Evan and Nicole said...

Looks like everything is going great for you guys! Abby seems to be such a great helper. I've really had to become creative in ways to include Audrey while working with Harper... throw this mommy pick out an outfit...etc. :) I loove having two girls!:) Its amazing how your heart expands. God is soo good. :) I'm soo glad your reading our blog and commenting!!:) ha! I will strive to update more for sure!