Friday, November 12, 2010

And we're home!!

Nana met us at the house with Abby when we came home from the hospital. Here's Abby letting Nana hold both of her Macy Kate's. ;) All of her dolls are now named Macy Kate. I'm not sure who she is talking about now when she says Macy Kate. It could be one of five baby dolls or the real Macy Kate. :)

We have some adjusting to do. She thinks she is still the baby and can fit in the baby's car seat. Look how big she is!

She wasn't getting out for anyone!

At bedtime, Daddy was holding his little girls!!

So sweet! I love how they are both just mesmerized by Macy!

Silly Daddy

We are home how! Been home for a few weeks now. Just trying to get caught up on pictures!! :)

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