Saturday, November 6, 2010

Macy Kate is HERE!!!

It all started the night before around 11:30pm. I woke up with heartburn and when I sat up in bed (aka, my air mattress) I thought I pulled a muscle in my back. Around 12:3oam, I realized that the pain wasn't going away and it was coming in spurts (aka, contractions) so I thought I would start timing them. I also started cleaning the kitchen because I read somewhere that if you think you are in labor, do something like walking or cleaning and see if they go away. If they don't, then you may be in labor. Well, they didn't go away.

The contractions started coming every 10 minutes apart, then 11 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 5 minutes....they were all over the place. No consistency. But, I went ahead and called the doctor around 2am. I wasn't necessarily in any pain, just a little uncomfortable and I knew that my water hadn't broke. The doctor on call told me to go ahead and come in and they would check me, but if I was still at a 3 (which I had been for 3+ weeks) that they would just send me home.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go to the hospital and they send me home. I didn't want to wake Stan and call Jessica to come over and watch Abby for us if it was nothing. I was in a dilemma. I just kept praying that my water would break and I would know. But, nothing. At 3am, I had 3 contractions that were 4 minutes apart so I decided to head to the hospital.

I woke Stan up and told him that I was going to go to the hospital, but that I didn't want him to come until I knew for sure that I was going into labor. So off I went. And, you would know that the moment I got in the car, my contractions stopped. But something told me that I needed to still go. Good thing I did, when I got to the hospital, the nurse checked me and I was at a 5. "Yep, you're in labor....let's have this little girl", she said. I thought....NOT until Stan gets here!

Long story short, Stan got there in plenty of time. Jessica got to our house to watch Abby. All was good. Once it was time to start the delivery, I only had to push 1 1/2 times and she was here. All that I had waited for over the past 9 months was here...perfect in every way.

Here's Abby and Nana at the hospital before Macy arrived. Abby wasn't too excited about the delivery room. She kept saying, "Go..Go."
My last "pregnant with Macy" picture. This picture makes me laugh. I already had my epidural here and when I sat up for the picture, I couldn't feel my bottom and felt like I was going to fall off the bed. THAT's why I look like I'm hanging onto Stan for dear life, because I was.

She's here...getting all checked out!

My first question was "what color hair did she have?" They responded "dark brown". "WHAT? Are you sure?" I couldn't believe it! :)

Macy Kate and Daddy's first picture together!

Macy Kate and Momma's first picture together!

Macy and Granny

Macy and Papa

I love Abby's expression here...she's not too sure about this Macy Kate girl.

Finally putting a face with the little girl that we had waited so long for.

Stan must have taken this picture. I see that he strategically put the grid line that was in the nursery window in the right place. :)

Uncle David

Aunt Andrea

Auntie Lizzy!! (Baby Benjamin will be here around Thanksgiving!!)

Proud Daddy

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Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

LOL!!! I love the "hanging onto Stan for dear life" picture! Macy Kate, you're gorgeous!