Monday, November 22, 2010

We present to you TINKERBELL!!

Tinkerbell is our new love in our house. Therefore, who better to be for Halloween this year than the sweetest fairy ever.....TINKERBELL.
Tinkerbell didn't have a wand in her movies, but this was too cute to pass up at Toys R Us. And Abby, loved it.

She didn't go trick or treating, we just dressed her up and stayed home. Too hard to manage with Macy this year. Here she was checking out the sidewalk to see if any kids were headed our way.

No, Stan didn't dress up as Josh Hamilton....this is how he dresses for EVERY Ranger game. They were in the playoffs that night.

He would only pass out candy in between innings. I had to do it all the other times the doorbell rang. Speaking of when the doorbell rang, each time a kid would ring it, Abby would start yelling, "Kids! Kids!" and off running to the door she went. It was hilarious. Now anytime anyone rings our doorbell she starts yelling "Kids! Kids!" :)

Once Abby woke up the next morning, she immediately started asking for her wings. So, to the closet I went and pinned them on her. :)

The clothes pin worked for most of the morning.

Love this Girl with Wings!

Wings, Wand and PJ's is how she spent half of the day!

Halloween 2010

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KathyD said...

Our sweet little Tinkerbell! She is so cute!