Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Granny came to save us!

Stan has been traveling some this football season and Granny came down to save us. Macy has colic. :( Therefore from about 5pm until she finally gives up and goes to sleep, she cries. It's miserable on everyone around. Except for Abby, Macy doesn't seem to bother her at all. :)
"Hey, that's my hat, it's not a shoe!!"

"Why does she always smell me?"

"Is she gonna get me again?"

"She's got my hat again!"

"Granny, Pick Me Up!"

"No More Kisses!"

"Thank you Granny for holding me so much when you came down!!"

We love you Granny!!

1 comment:

Harriett said...

It makes me so lonesome to look at these pictures. Macy Kate has grown so much in a month. Love you all.