Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easter Morning!

Sweet Abby and Macy Kate's Easter baskets!
Abby went straight for the necklaces in hers.

Then her new doodle-pad.

MK grabbed her little baby doll first, but quickly dropped it to start eating the cross. LOL!

"What? Why can't I chew on this?"

Abby also got a new pencil and egg notepad. My little left-hander immediately started drawing us a picture.

After church we were going to go to Nana's house to hunt Easter eggs. I told Abby to put her basket in the car. She went around and gathered five baskets!! Guess she planned on doing alot of egg hunting. :)

I wanted to get some cute pictures of the girls in the Easter Dresses. Here's what we came up with! :)

Sweet Macy Kate

Abby, over here!

Look at me! Helllloooo? Anyone?

Sweet Sweet Sweet!!

I loved the matching dresses I got for the girls. I actually got them at JCPenney's and had someone ask me if I had them made for them. They were just perfect on each of them. Precious!!

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