Sunday, July 24, 2011

Growing up!

These were taken back on April 30, 2011. Macy Kate tries out her first sippy cup! She loved it. I put ice water in it at first, but it took no time at all that she was drinking anything I put in it. :) She still loves water and will even now drink her milk out of her cup. Something that Abby would never do.

Here's Abby helping out her little sister!

She's determined to figure it out on her own. As you can see, Abby is a little upset that she is no longer needed.
She loves it!!
Sweet Sister Kisses

That very same evening, the living room got very quiet all the sudden. I walked into two little girls snacking away at their leftover Easter candy.
This was not staged at all.

I love how Abby is organizing the candy with all her favorites. Notice the Smarties are all beside her. :)

Want one?

It's kinda fun to be so far behind on my blog and relive the sweet moments as I blog about them. But it's depressing at the same time. Lots to blog about! :) At least I'm still taking pictures!! :)

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