Sunday, July 24, 2011

Abby's 1st "Swimmers" Lesson

Of course we had to dress up this little beauty as well.


Here's my little swimming princess.
I love that she calls swimming, "swimmers".

She doesn't really know why I'm taking so many pictures.

"What's the big deal?"

Before we started, she thought she need to fill out a comment card. Yes, she's left-handed.

Here they go. Practicing blowing bubbles. She did fine until the water got in her face.

Practicing kicks. She would only kick with one leg. LOL!!

Notice that neither leg is moving. She liked for you just to pull her around the water. She's just a little princess.

Abby's cheerleaders!

She loved being out and about. I can't wait to put her in lessons next year.

Together. Apart. Together. Apart.

Here's Stan singing her a song to try and coax her into jumping into the pool. I don't think she's buying it. :)

Overall, she did pretty good. We like to be encouraging. :) Now, getting OUT of the water, she's a champ! Swimming in the water.....let's just say she'll probably pick a sport with a ball. :)

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