Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easter at Nana & Pops'

Before we ate lunch, while everyone was still in their Easter "dresses" we made the kids take pictures. We should have known this was not going to be the best idea. Some of them, aka, my kids, were hungry and tired and not to mention just a little bit dramatic.
Here's a pretty good one of the grandkids.

Not sure why I kept taking pictures, should have just stopped.
Of course, now, I'm just snapping away hoping that one of them turns out.

Sweet Drew is the only one giving me any love here. :)

Yes, again, it was my idea to try and get a family group shot. Poor Abby was not having it at all. She could just hear the camera clicking and would turn her head. LOL!

Me and my little love bug!

Finally done with pictures and I go and help Abby get out of her Easter Dress. No wonder she was so upset. Look at her pantyhose!!

Then we headed out for the egg hunt outside. Macy's eggs were personally brought to her. She IS a princess you know.

Daddy is giving Abby some "pointers" on where to look.

I love this picture! He wasn't getting any closer than that to the chicken pin.

Drew scored big time!

Abby dumped her basket and went for the Walmart Shopping Bag! I don't blame her!

Here's Abby "trading". LOL!! Notice she has a gold one in her hands. But before she "traded" or stole (whatever you want to call it), she wanted to open them all up and see if it was one of the ones she wanted. Notice the rejects on the ground. :)

Such a fun day and a wonderful holiday to celebrate with family. Although the pictures are all about eggs and fun times, we really celebrated the fact that our Savior has Risen from the dead! :)

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