Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Come Back Balloons!!!"

On Mother's Day this year, we went to my parents' church in Terrell. After the service was over, they had a Balloon Releasing Ceremony. They had information about their church on each balloon and would wait and see if they had anyone contact them back. They have done this before and actually had someone contact them. So, here we go.

As they came out with all the balloons, I knew this wasn't going to go smoothly with my sweet little balloon lover. At first, she loved it!! There were what looked like hundreds of balloons.
Here's Macy and Nana watching everyone get ready to release theirs.


Here they go!!

Up and Away

'Hey, Come back Balloons!!!"

"Oh no!! Come Back."

It was kinda neat to see all those balloons be released, but I was a little sad for my little balloon lover. This was not a good idea according to her.

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