Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last day of school

The last day of school is so bittersweet for me. Another year has come and gone and these girls are growing up so fast. Abby's last day was so fun for her. It was "Water-Splash" day as well. :) She got to wear her swimsuit to start off the day!
Macy Kate ready for her last day as well. :)

love her.
Sweet Ms. Kelly. Abby had such a great year and grew so much creatively. Ms. Kelly, Ms. Jen and Ms. Donna were wonderful! She still asks sometimes if she is going to go and see them. She gets so confused because her school is at our church and over the summer it's just staff care. She doesn't know who her teacher will be from day to day! lol!!!

Sweet Ms. Adrianne. She was Abby's teacher when she was a baby and we were lucky enough to get to have her be MK's first teacher!! MK loved her!! Notice the sweet tears in her eyes. She's loves my babies and we love her. She is actually not going to teach this next year and home school her kids. Although our school will losing a wonderful teacher, her kids are getting the best one! We love you Ms. Adrianne!!

Last day of school treats!!

We are enjoying our summer thus far and looking forward to a new school year in just a little over a month. I can't believe the summer is almost over! :(

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