Monday, December 8, 2008

7 weeks old

Can you believe it? 7 weeks old. She's growing so much. Sometimes when she wakes up from a nap it looks like she's grown 3 inches. We just love her so much.

Here are some pictures of our 7 week old little jewel. She's on her changing table. Notice the cover is missing. Every time her daddy changes her, she decides to pee on him and the newly washed cover. So, it's once again in the laundry.

Thanks for everyone who commented and said how cute she looked in Pink. It's a good thing, that's pretty much the color of her wardrobe. Here's a picture of her in a yellow sleeper. I like to keep her in jammies with footies in them. She refuses to keep her socks and shoes on. And since her daddy says that the socks and shoes are "my" responsibility to keep up with, the footie jammies help keep her feet warm.

Oh, and yes she's wearing little "boxing gloves" mittens. She's been quite the scratcher lately. We both have the battle wounds to prove it. I've tried to cut and file her nails, but have been unsuccessful. So for our protection and hers, Catwomen must wear the mittens.

She's started a new thing yesterday. Sticking her tongue out. It's precious. She did it twice last night at around 4am and it was only precious for a second. But today, I could watch her all day as she does her new trick. I tried to catch it on camera, and after tons of pictures barely got it.

I put this worm at the top by her head because she squirms so much she hits her head on the top of the table. She loves to look at this worm during her diaper changes. She'll look at him on one side to see the face, then quickly turn to the other side to see the tail. It's so cute to watch her twist and turn to see this worm.

She still isn't quite sleeping through the night, but we're working on it with lots of prayers. She already has such the personality. She's started this fake cry for when she wants us to pick her up. I caught on to her and so she changed it. She added in a fake cry with a fake cough. Worked for a bit, but you can't fool me. NOW, it's the fake cry with a fake cough and she SPITS! LOL!! Yep, she's already spit in her daddy's face. :)

It is pretty amazing how you can still love someone so much who will keep you up all night, poop, pee, and spit on you. But we do....we love you sweet girl!

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j.o.r.d.a.n. said...

ok, how's the colic? better? And if you think the bodily functions are bad, wait till she's a teenager and you still love her then! now that's a phenomenon (at least for my parents it was!)!! Love you!!