Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Edmond

Abby's first Christmas began with a road trip to Oklahoma. We bundled her up and hit the road on Christmas Eve Eve.

Here's Mackenzie meeting "her" Abby for the first time.

On Christmas Eve we opened up our presents. Here's the Grandkids, all in their Christmas Red.

Abby's Favorite OK Aunt...Aunt Jenny!

This is kinda how things go these days. I'm never paying attention, usually wondering what I have forgotten. Abby's wondering if we are EVER going to feed her again. And Stan is calm and ready to go.

Here's our 2008 Christmas Family Picture.

"I wonder if I give her a Cheeto will she stop crying?"

PaPa and Granny put Abby's Santa outfit on her for the night. The next morning was Christmas morning and we were heading out to see the Great-Grandmas. Little did Miss Abby know that Santa would still arrive at her house in Texas even though she wasn't there!

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