Monday, December 15, 2008

Joseph, Mary & Baby Jesus

My mom's Church needed a Baby Jesus for their Christmas Cantata. Well, we just so happen to have a Baby Jesus laying around.....and they got a Mary and Joseph as well.

Here are the proud parents before the show!
During the first and only practice. We didn't have any speaking parts.
Abby's only responsibility was not to cry. She did great!!
Here she is mesmerized by the Star of David above us.

And the show begins...

Give me a break, I'm smiling because I just had
the King of the World!!!! :)

The end!
Baby Jesus was worn out with her "no crying" responsibility
and decided to just fall asleep.

We had a great time!! Every Christmas Cantata needs a Baby Jesus. This was Abby's first appearance in a Church and we wouldn't let her be anything other than the Star of the Show, Baby Jesus!! Caden insisted on everyone calling her Baby Jesus even after the Cantata was over.

Disclaimer: The Wagnon family realizes that Baby Jesus was truly a boy in real life. The above individuals are only actors.


Jessica and Matt said...

LOL!!! Oh my daaaaaaaaang. I really hope people also know that Mary and Joseph were from the MIDDLE EAST. No red heads/blondies! And I do have to ask if Stanley had to sing to her to keep her happy. Because I'm sure that wasn't part of the show, and might have been a little embarassing. Did you have a plan for if she started crying (other than Stanley's singing)?? This really kind of stresses me out! But Baby Jesus Abby is just precious. Definitely fitting for her first visit to church. Impersonating GOD.

Ed said...

That was good!