Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Months Old!!

Look who's getting bigger!!

Hehehe...I love this picture. She is definitely concentrating on reading that sign!

Hey Sweet Abby:
Oh wow, I can't believe how fast time is flying by. You've grown up so much this past month and you're getting bigger by the minute. We are learning so much about you. Here's a few of our favorites: *You LOVE to be held!!! *You are such the noise maker lately, grunting and groaning and the occasional TOOTING are a few of our favorite sounds and make us laugh. *You've cooo'd at me a couple of times. *You don't like wearing shoes or socks. You kick them off wherever we go. *Your daddy and I will do whatever it takes to make you smile. You've given us a grin a few times, I think that was just because you wanted us to stop, not that you thought we were funny. Trust me, we're funny! :) *You are getting better with sleeping at night. For example, here was our last night schedule......down at 8pm, up at 9pm, down at 11:30 pm, up at 4:30 am, down at 7am, up at 9am. At least there was one good 5 hour span in there! YAY for all of us! We are continuing to pray about nights full of lots of rest. *You've definitely outgrown all of your preemie outfits. You are way too long now. *You will make eye contact now with us. *You can wear hair bows! *You laugh in your sleep. *You've gone to Mother's Day out twice now and have done so good. *Your teachers LOVE you. *And one of my take these super long blinks when you are tired or just annoyed with me trying to get you to smile.

I could sit here all day and write down all of my favorite things about you, but the list would be miles long. Sweetie, just know that you ARE our favorite! We love sweet girl!! - Love, Mommy & Daddy

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Jessica and Matt said...

OMG! The super-long blinks when she's frustrated??? THAT, my friend, is Jill Renee Doughterty. So funny! She's getting so big! It's crazaaazay!