Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fairfield Christmas

And she's ready!!

We went to Fairfield for our annual family Christmas. Little did I know that I've found my new favorite babysitter, my cousin Peyton. She is wonderful. I'm not sure of her hourly rates, but I definitely need to check into it!

Abby just opened a birthday present and was sitting quietly in my Uncle's arms.

And if you are 3ft and under and you have been in our family for a while, you have probably rode the family bus (as Drew called it when he was little). You just hop on and the bus will make a couple of laps around the room and if you are lucky, you may get to honk the horn. Here's Abby on her ride. She's just realized that there's not enough room for Pops too. :(

Here's Lap #2.
Thanks Aunt Cille for driving the babies around. :)

Couldn't leave without a picture with Granny.
This is Abby Jewel's Granny Jewel!

She's thinking above about what she should do. Then it came to her. Pull her bow out! So she did, and now she's happy!!

Merry Christmas Fairfield Fam!

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Seneca said...

Hey Jill, Madison has My Pal "Violet" Abby will love Scout for sure. Tess and I know all the songs that Violet sings. I hope her name is in the registry of names so Scout can say her name.