Thursday, December 17, 2009

Missing Puzzle Piece

My mom gave Abby this super cute puzzle. It has animals in it and she loves for you to say the sounds the animals make as she picks up a piece. I noticed that the horse had been missing for a couple of days. Not too worried because I knew it would turn up somewhere. Sure enough, it did. When I found it, I sat and smiled, yelled for Stan and went to grab my camera. Like a little squirrel, she hid it away for a rainy day. So so sweet, there it was along with two balls and a DVD. I know there will be many more moments of her hiding things, but this was definitely a first for us.

Here's the puzzle with all the pieces intact.


KathyD said...

Love this! It is cute when they do things like this for the first time. As they get older.....not so cute.

Taylor said...

Jacob hid one of his good shoes- took me a month to find the darn thing. Now he's hidden the remote control to my tv. It's been about a week and a half and I still can't find it.

I've learned, if you want to keep it- keep it well out of the 1 (and slightly older) year old's reach!