Saturday, December 19, 2009

14 months old!!!

Here we go, another month goes by. Little Miss is now 14 months. We went to Fairfield on her "monthly" birthday and I forgot to take her picture with her bear as she was all dressed up. But nevertheless, after bath time, we had our little photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree.

She is so in love with Mr. Bear.

Abby, where's your hair?

Abby loves our tree. She loves all the lights and ornaments. When you plug the lights in, she'll say, "Oh Wow!"

Here she is examining it, "gently" we say over and over.
Oh, and she definitely loves the ribbon. I've put this back on the tree SEVERAL times.

I love this one too. She loves the gold snowflakes. Notice the sweet little pic of her from last Christmas. She was so so tiny then. :)

He Hee He......She doesn't even look like herself here. She's giving the camera the "new look". This is the "leave me alone" look.

Dear Sweet Abby:

As you would say, "Oh Wow!" time has FLOWN by. You simply amaze me more and more each day. One of your biggest changes this month was the transition to your big girl car seat. It makes both me and you sad to see you in it. You look like such the little girl and you get sad because you can't recline back and go to sleep. But you finally reached 20lbs and you (length wise) had out grown your other. You still haven't started walking. You've taken 5-6 steps towards us and I caught you this week walking to one of your toys. I'm pretty confident that you can do it, so I'm not worried at all. But I will admit that a part of me wants to keep you my crawling little baby and that's just one more thing that you'll eventually grow out of. Meal times have been challenging for us lately. Your menu of choice seems to only be strawberries, blackberries, goldfish, cheerios and blueberry muffins. I'm hoping that I'll keep my patience and you'll eventually add items to your list of favorites. As I told you tonight, I love you my angel forever and ever. I will always love you!! My sweet girl. Love, Mommy


Brianne said...

Your posts are so sweet and you make me cry and Abby is the most precious little girl. I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before. Anyways, stumbled upon your blog when you were pregnant. I love reading your blog. You are so funny!

Seneca said...

You are so right. She does not look like herself in that last pic. Praise God for our healthy baby girls.